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PLASTIVEL Patio latta 5 litri penetrante invisibile per esterno e interno

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penetrating, sealing, walkable, colourless

PATIO creates a colourless, very durable, protective film, both indoors and out, on bricks, reconstructed stones, floor tiles, etc., with excellent adhesion to porous materials. Ideal for balconies and terraces. PATTO impregnates the materials and seals any micro-cracks in the grout between the tiles, thus preventing any water infiltration. The surface protection will remain water-repellent, glossy and mar resistant for a long time; not vulnerable to oils, beverages or coffee; easy to clean. Outdoors, on self-locking, solid wood flooring, made of porphyry or reconstructed stone, this treatment prevents the spontaneous formation of vegetation between the joints. In addition, cleaning and washing will be made easier. With at least 2 coats, PATTO creates a colourless finish on raw cement surfaces (e.g. garages) that can be walked or driven on. This product is based on acrylic polymers in light aromatic hydrocarbons.

This product is ready for application on clean and dry surfaces using brush or roller. Spread a first coat, going over the joints again carefully to aid penetration of the product and deep sealing. Dries quickly. The second coat — always necessary — should be applied after at least 4 hours. To be on the safe side, for outdoor use, apply a third coat also after at least 12 hours. Theoretical coverage rate: 10-12 m2/litre for coat.

Container size: 2,5 litres — 5 litres.

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